Our Website Installer may help you put together your individual or organization web site boasting its distinct design and style right away. Simply choose the style of web site you wish to launch and then simply select your style and design from the rich group of web themes and simply click the installation button. Your website will go on the Internet within seconds. Utilizing the sign–in info that we provide you with, you’ll be able to conveniently submit pics and set your very own textual content with just a click of the mouse. If you need help submitting your website or updating its details, simply just get in touch with our technical support team 24x7 using your ticketing system.

You will discover the Website Installer within the SimpleHosting Web Hosting Control Panel that is included with every cloud hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offer on our store.

An Instant Website Installation Tool

Publish your new website with a mouse click

If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS, it might be very hard for you to work with a site configuration on your own – should you not utilize user–friendly website production tools like SimpleHosting’s quick Website Installer that is integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel. To utilize the application, you just need to select a layout theme for your website and afterwards set it up with merely a click of the mouse. You don’t need to possess any programming expertise to launch your web site. You can include new webpages and publish text content and pictures with them truly efficiently. If you don’t like the adjustment you’ve made it’s possible to revert it and repeat the process. It is all pretty simple to manage.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Design Themes Available For You

Launch your new site with just a click

To enable you to get hold of a brand new site on the Internet as fast as possible, we have designed an assortment of site templates to choose from. According to the topic of your website, you can find a superb template for your blog site or online gallery or perhaps the most appropriate design for your portfolio. All web templates are available for free download inside your Web Hosting Control Panel. We’ve been working hard to design brand new web themes depending on the latest style and design trends to be able to provide you with a better choice for your own web sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hours–a–day Technical Support

SimpleHosting’s hosting professionals are at your convenience day and night

The support team comprises of representatives who have worked many years in the website hosting marketplace. They’re qualified to handle various situations and can be found 24/7/365, able to aid you. Moreover, we also have Commonly Asked Questions and many video lessons.

Furthermore, we provide a one–hour answer–back time guarantee, which means you will receive a response to your question as quickly as possible. The average reaction time is within twenty minutes.

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